Oilfield Chemicals

Drilling Fluids, Polymers, Viscosifier, Esters, Mud Chemicals

We supply drilling fluids, drilling muds and chemicals for Oil and Gas exploration projects in the region. We offer products of international standards and specifications.

  • Demulsifiers (oil and water soluble)
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Acid Inhibitors
  • Surfactants Detergents
  • Surfactants Defoamers
  • Our complete range of supply include chemicals for Oilfield (drilling fluids, additives, muds, rig wash, etc), Marine (rig wash, cleaning, corrosion inhibition, etc), Water (boiler, watermaker, descaling, effluent treatment) and Fuel (additives, burner, etc). organic salts such as formates and acetates

    Oil Field Speciality Chemicals

    For purification process and corrosion protection of costly refining equipments.

    Demulsifiers -- Desalting crude oil demulsifiers based on resins in non-inflammable media.

    Corrosion Inhibitors -- For the protection of refining equipments and overhead column and for refinery processing equipments.

    Slop Oil Demulsifiers -- To break, even toughest solid-laden aged slop or residual oil emulsions.

    Organic Neutralizers -- For smooth uniform and complete pH control.

    Flocculants -- Coagulants and in-line flocculants for raw inlet or oil water classification slop oil recovery etc.

    Oxygen Scavenger -- For the oil well protection process.

    Brine Corrosion Inhibitor -- For wet crude surface systems water wells flooding and dispersal system.
    Drilling Fluids

    Drilling, Completion and Workover Fluids -- We supply specific fluid systems according to client's specific requirements.

    Synthetic drilling fluids, High Performance drill-in fluids -- These systems are used to inhibit shale swelling and prevent hydrate formation.

    Completion Fluids -- Specialty Products, Wellbore Clean-Up and Fluid Design

    Plastics and Composites

    Ester-Based Drilling Fluids -- We supply esters produced on the basis of renewable natural resources and other additives for the formulation of drilling fluids, as well as production chemicals for oil and gas exploration.

    We provide a full range of mud systems to match the drilling programs and environmental requirements of deepwater wells.

  • Drilling Fluid Additives
  • Cement Additives
  • Lignite Based Products
  • Other Specialty Surfactants
  • Sulphonated Asphalt
  • Guar Gum Based Viscosifier
  • Polymers

    Xanthan Gum Viscosifier

    Grace offers the best quality of Xanthan Gum from several large manufacturers with extensive experience in the field of biotechnology. Xanthan gum is widely used in oil drilling, workover and oil recovery as a rheology control agent in aqueous systems. Xanthan is a biopolymer made from starch

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