Onshore Oilfield Drilling Rigs (Land Rigs)

Grace offers fleet of modern, quality, diversified Onshore Drilling Rigs (Land based Rigs) for Oil & Gas drilling projects in the Middle East. We supply efficient, technology-driven land rigs as well as organize modernization of existing rigs.
We offer innovative rig structures, drilling equipment, electric power systems, SCR drives, AC variable frequency drives, and more. The land rigs are equipped with many of the latest in drilling technologies and undergo strict maintenance schedules on a regular basis, to tackle increasingly challenging drilling projects in many different and difficult settings, from harsh desert environments and to remote land sites.
We ensure that the most advanced fleet of Land Rigs is available for the client and our rigs additions are premium class electric rigs capable of drilling to 18,000 feet.
We also offer total packages for Drilling Modules including Project Management, Engineering, Fabrication, Mechanical Completion and Commissioning as well as pipehandling systems complete from Pipe deck to down the hole.
Onshore Drilling Rigs
  • Transportable by Air
  • Desert Wheeled
  • Rough Terrain
  • WorkOver
  • Onshore Drilling and Workover Operations
    Onshore drilling operations are similar to those of offshore operations. We provide complete package for uninterrupted drilling and workover operations.
    Complete Rig Products
  • New land rigs 800 HP - 3000 HP
  • Like New Value Rigs, cost effective rigs built using remanufactured drawworks, rotary, and mud pumps with new power, control, and mud systems for performance of a new rig at a substantial saving. Modernization of Mechanical and Electrical Rig Fleets
  • Rig Automation and Controls
  • Modular AC and DC Drawworks
  • Rack and Pinion Rigs- push/pull rigs using the latest in drilling rig technology.
    Power and Control Products
  • Engine and Generators
  • SCR Control Systems
  • AC Variable Frequency Drive Systems
  • Auto Driller
  • Mud monitoring systems
  • Drilling & Monitoring Systems
  • Services
    • Remanufacturing: drawworks, mud pumps, rotary, etc.
    • Repowering with new engines and controls
    • Mechanical to electric conversion
    • DC SCR to AC VFD conversion
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