Welding and Cutting Equipment

Welding Equipment

Grace offers a wide selection of Welding Equipment. We provide Welding Equipment as well as tube-to-tubesheet welding equipment and weld overlay applications.

  • Controllers and Accessories
  • Direct Arc View Color Video Systems
  • Fusion Tube Weld Heads
  • Pipe Weld Heads with Filler Wire
  • Pipe Welding Power Supplies,
  • Popular Weld Heads
  • Tube and Pipe Welding Equipment
  • Tooling Product
  • Tube Welding
    Power Supplies
  • Tube-To-Tube
    Sheet Weld Heads
  • Cut-off Blades
  • Bevel Blades
  • Orbital Welding

    We also supply orbital tube and pipe welding equipment, tools and accessories. We offer and supply precision automatic welding systems for fusion welding to multipass applications requiring wire feed, torch oscillation and arc voltage control.

  • Auto Weld System
  • GMAW/FCAW Pipe Power Source, Controllers
  • GMAW/FCAW Pipe Weld Head
  • Pipe Power Source, Controllers
  • Pipe Weld Heads -Full Function
  • Special Applications and Engineering
  • Tube Weld Heads -Fusion
  • Tube, Pipe Weld Heads -Fusion, Filler Wire
  • Tube, Pipe, and Tube-to-Tubesheet
  • Power Source, Controllers
  • Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Heads
  • Accessories
  • Heavy Duty Water Cooler
  • Water Cooler
  • Dual Head Switcher
  • Cart with Dual Bottle Rack
  • Tilt AVC for D-Head & T-Head
  • We also supply underwater cutting and welding equipments.

    Cutting Equipment
    We supply multi-gas plasma arc cutting systems.
    • Manual plasma cutting machines
    • Plasma cutting torches and replacements, accessories, and consumables
    We supply plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and consumables.
    • Land and underwater cutting torches.
    • Land and underwater cutting rods.
    • Land and underwater welding rods.

    Grace also offers a full line of high quality oxy fuel cutting and welding equipment and gas regulation equipment. We also supply portable flame cutting machines to cut and bevel carbon steel pipes with precision in manual as well as in electric with remote control operation.